101 Goals in 1001 Days

It’s 2019!


Growing up people always told me that the older you get, the faster time flies. I never believed them until recent. How can it be 2019 already? It’s absolutely mental!

Now with every new year comes the spew of people professing their New Year Resolutions. Well this year, I’ve decided to try something a little different. About a month ago on Pinterest I discovered the concept of 101 Goals in 1001 Days; it’s like a Bucketlist & a resolution list all rolled into one. The difference is it’s an almost 3 year resolution list instead of a list of things to do in one year. I’ll admit, this list has very high hopes. If I accomplish everything on this list in less than three years I will be bloody impressed with myself.

So while I realize I don’t NEED to share this ambitious list of mine with the world, I’m a pretty firm believer in that if you proclaim things out into the atmosphere you have a much better chance of achieving them. That and it gives you a bit of pressure to keep pursuing your goals when other people are keeping you accountable. Accountability is a crazy & weird thing, but I’ll admit it definitely helps me personally.

Alright, so without further ado, here is my list of 101 Goals in 1001 Days. Yes, I realize I’m posting this 7 days late, but 2019 feels like it’s flying by already!

Begin Date: February 18th, 2019

End Date: November 15th, 2021

  • Try a cooking class
  • Read one book a month in 2019 (0/12)
  • Read one book a month in 2020 (0/12)
  • Read one book a month in 2021 (0/12)
  • Learn how to speak Spanish
  • Learn how to speak German
  • Visit every continent (4/7)
  • Try a serious relationship (if he EVER comes along)
  • Start going to Mass regularly again
  • Volunteer
  • Send 25 Hand Written Notes (0/25)
  • Go back to Stagecoach
  • Journal everyday (0/1001)
  • Remove 3 pieces of clothing from my closet each month (1/33)
  • Move into my own place
  • Get a puppy
  • Treat a stranger to a coffee
  • Buy an address book & keep it updated
  • Have a bonfire on the beach
  • Have lasik surgery
  • Reconnect with an old friend
  • Look into Life Insurance
  • Open a separate bank account for savings
  • Restart 401(k)
  • Start investing more
  • Drink 100 ounces of water a day for a month
  • Do Whole 30 for a month
  • Be able to do all 3 splits
  • Be able to do a handstand & headstand
  • Attend a yoga retreat
  • Lose 15 pounds (0/15)
  • Run a half marathon
  • Run a full marathon
  • Run a marathon in another country
  • Do yoga everyday for a month (0/31)
  • Try being vegan for a month
  • Host one fitness event a month for a year (0/12)
  • Be able to do 30 consecutive push-ups (0/30)
  • Be able to do 10 pull ups (0/10)
  • Join a rec team (softball w/ Katie?)
  • Create a new series
  • Start my Travel column – Wanderlust Wednesday
  • Start my Food column – Foodie Friday
  • Start my Short Story column – Short Story Sunday
  • Start my Podcast & Dating Stories column – Thursdate How Do U Date
  • Buy a new computer
  • Buy a new phone
  • Design new Wanderlust Sam Logo
  • Design new How Do U Date Logo
  • Design 5am Production Logo
  • Revamp Wanderlust Sam Blog
  • Create How Do U Date Blog
  • Revamp 5am Production Blog
  • Revamp Samantha McRoberts Blog
  • Collaborate with 5 brands that I’ve never worked with before
  • Reach 1,000 email subscribers to Wanderlust Sam (best: 0/1000)
  • Reach 2,000 email subscribers to Wanderlust Sam (best: 0/2000)
  • Finish my 52 Lists book (0/52)
  • Write a Freelance Article for a News Outlet
  • Write one screenplay a month
  • Do one photoshoot a month in 2019
  • Fully complete my travel book proposal
  • Write a travel book
  • Fully complete The Boy Situation book proposal
  • Write The Boy Situation book
  • Launch How Do U Date Podcast
  • Actively release How Do U Date Podcast
  • Photography at a concert
  • Photography a Wedding
  • Have a photo be featured by a News Outlet
  • Decide on grad school pt 2
  • Go on a Girls Trip
  • Take one weekend trip per month (0/33)
  • Visit Napa Valley Wineries
  • Have afternoon tea in Los Angeles
  • Go zip-lining
  • Try 25 new restaurants in Los Angeles (0/25)
  • See Hamilton
  • See a Broadway show in NYC
  • Go to Australia
  • Go to Africa
  • Go to Antarctica
  • Go to Mexico
  • Go to Italy
  • Go to Solvang, CA
  • Go back to London
  • Go back to Scotland
  • Go back to Germany & visit the Love Lock Bridge
  • Go to Oktoberfest again
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Go to Trinidad & Tobago for Carnival (March 2019)
  • Visit 3 new states (0/3)
  • Take a trip with just my Dad
  • Take a trip with just my Mom
  • Take a trip with just my Brother
  • Take a trip alone
  • Go wine tasting in Santa Barbara
  • Visit family in Arizona
  • Live in a different country
  • Go on a road trip
  • Save $10 after completing each goal & put in new savings account

Hiya. My name is Sam. A passionate gal from the Pacific Northwest with a love for travel, wellness and sustainability. All about self love & learning to be simply YOU!

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