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24 Hours in Cardiff, Wales

1548074_10202862998799788_636906550_oMy state of depression is so high that it is almost unbearable because of the fact that I am leaving Europe in less than 12 hours and I have no idea when I will be back!
However, instead of moping around our flat on my last full day, I decided to go to a different country, WALES! Why? Because I book things really last minute! So at 2am I bought a bus ticket for 8am that would pick me up from Victoria Coach Station and in 4 hours I would arrive in a new country. I thought it seemed like a reasonable thing to do on my last day!

For all those interested in a day trip to Cardiff, you can pay $100s for a scheduled tour, or $30 and make it your own! Since I’m a poor college student I made my own adventure and it was splendid! My itinerary looked liked this and it was a jolly good ol’ time! BTW, I traveled solo for this trip!

7:30am: Pick up at Victoria Coach Station

11:15am: Arrive in Cardiff

Unknown time exploring:

  • Christmas Markets: If you are in Cardiff or really anywhere in Europe in December you will experience the endless joy of the Christmas markets! They truly are the best things ever! Great food, rides, gluhwein and countless booths with handmade trinkets that you won’t want to leave without! I picked up a handmade Welsh Love Spoon for a friend of mine who is getting married next summer. The spoon symbolizes “Together forever” – two hearts hand carved and joined together as a token of lasting love.
  • Cardiff Castle: For those of you who have been following my blog, I am obsessed with all things UK history right now and going to castles has to be my absolute favorite thing! The reason for this obsession has a lot to do with REIGN (CW show), but anyways, the Cardiff Castle was spectacular! Nothing in comparison to Edinburgh Castle, however the Outer wall is gigantic and you can actually walk through it. This castle had an air raid shelter during WWII. Their was a radio broadcast on repeat as you wandered the corridors. It was very creepy and grimy inside the walls. There were some really cool things about the castle though! There is a CATAPULT and a PEACOCK on the grounds. If you have enough money, I would suggest a tour of the private corridors, I was on my last dime when I went to Cardiff so I couldn’t, but YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD!856788_10202862986599483_841785508_o
  • Shopping: While there are malls everywhere… I always encourage people to check out the local mall! You never know what unique store you may stumble upon, plus there are always fun restaurants in malls as well! Obviously I went by Topshop, H&M, and Primark, because you can’t go into a mall without stopping by them… even if you don’t buy anything!
  • Old Book Stores: This may be one of my new favorite things to do! Books contain magic into another world. So you may ask yourself, why buy an old book? Because the book then contains magic AND history! #score I picked of an original copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone during my trip to Cardiff 🙂
  • Costa: You should always enjoy a delicious cup of Costa: Hot Chocolate when in a new city!
  • Frolick: I don’t know how you can go to a new city and not frolick for a bit!

4pm: Head back to London

8:10pm: Arrive back in London and cry ourself to sleep because we are leaving in 12 hours!

Okay I didn’t really do that, I actually explored Winter Wonderland in the rain for 2 hours when I arrived back in London, but overall it was a great 5 hours in Cardiff and if you have the time to visit or even if you don’t, you should make time! Because it is a wonderful city, everyone is SO friendly and if you are looking for a Welsh guy, they sure do love American accents 😉



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