25 Random Facts About Me

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA2BDCLt-O8]
It’s finally happened! I’m officially making YouTube videos! I feel as though it was a long time coming, considering I have been posting videos since Feb 2008 –
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTnBk_px2fE]
And because my parents have been making home videos of me my entire life. I am so unbelievably excited for this year as a 23-year-old about to go abroad again! There are so many adventures I cannot wait to capture and I am so excited to take you all along with me!
Obviously I had to make a list to make my first video – so here it is 🙂 There are some extra facts on here as well!!

  1. My favorite color is purple
  2. I’m a gemini
  3. I have a dog named Booney, he’s a shih tzu – isn’t he adorable?!
  4. I’m obsessed with TV Shows – my current favs are Reign, Teen Wolf, Scandal, Suits, Pretty Little Liars, Chasing Life, Fosters, Originals, TVD, In the Flesh, Orphan Black, Downton, American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time…. Ohhhh and I just finished Hart of Dixie that show just makes me soooo happy
  5. Which leads me to what I want to be in life – I want to be a showrunner and creator of TV shows and make shows like all the one’s I talked about
  6. My first concert was Britney Spears – The Oops… I Did It Again Tour
  7. I LOVE MUSIC – All Kinds
    1. side note: Attention UK Bands – I am moving to the UK in September and I want to make Music Documentaries – contact me if you are interested – there is a link in the description below to one of my documentaries I have made
  8. Regional Phrases – I say Pop, Y’all, Gal, Caramel
  9. I love Summer and Winter! I love my summer dress and my North Face too!
  10. I’m Currently reading If I Stay by Gayle Forman, even though I already saw the movie early – CHECK IT OUT!
  11. If I could have a superpower, I would want to Time Travel. Because not only do you get to travel to different time periods, you also get to travel all over the world – like 1920s France
  12. Which leads me to one of my all time favorite movies is Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen
  13. My favorite crying film is PS I LOVE YOU – everyone should have a favorite crying film, you just need them sometimes
  14. I wear contacts
  15. I only have 1 kidney, it was removed at birth so no worries I’m completely healthy!
  16. Here’s a good one – I didn’t kiss a guy until I was 21 and it was in Amsterdam with a guy from New Zealand. Hey I waited a while, but it makes a good story right??
  17. My favorite stores are Varga, Urban Outfitters, and Primark!
  18. I love to bake – which means I plan on doing baking tutorials on here too so stay tuned for that!
  19. My favorite food is sweet potato fries
  20. My favorite fast food is In N Out
  21. Favorite sandwich place is Mendocino Farms – Their Drunken Goat and Curried Cous Cous are to die for!
  22. My favorite desserts w/ a group is Pizookie from BJs and my favorite ice cream is Molly Moon’s – Or Gelato when in Europe – its like 70cents for one scoop! That’s soooo cheap
  23. I played Fast Pitch, Volleyball and I threw Javalin in High School
  24. I studied abroad twice in college – in Germany and London.
  25. This is going to sound crazy, but I held 11 internships while in college – so if you have any Questions, please feel free to ask me! I will be posting videos on how to make an amazing resume, preparing for your interview, and rocking your internships soon!

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