How to Stay Fit During a Trip to Reno

Are you planning a trip to Reno and wondering if you’ll be able to stay fit in the city? Reno might be famous for its casinos and incredible eateries, but you won’t have to hide in the gym to keep up with your exercises.
If you’re visiting Reno during the winter, you can spend the day hitting the slopes for some snow sports. In the other months, you can go kayaking in the Truckee River, go hiking in the many surrounding trails, or even go mountain biking. Discover some of the best activities you can do to stay fit in Reno.

Go Kayaking in Truckee River Whitewater Park

Image via Flickr by Ruth and Dave
You don’t have to go far to enjoy outdoor activities in Reno, as the Truckee River runs through the middle of the city. Truckee River Whitewater Park is located east and west of Wingfield Park and runs for 2,600 feet. It has class 2 to 3 rapids with 11 drop pools, and it’s ideal for beginners, as there are many access points throughout the course.

Discover the Hiking Trails

The region surrounding Reno is the perfect place for those who love hiking. You could go for an easy 2-mile hike or take the long Jones/Whites Creek Loop, which spans 9.2 miles. The most popular hike is the Hunter Creek Trail, where you’ll find a hidden waterfall, but for amazing views of the city, go to the Huffaker Hills.

Enjoy World-Class Rock Climbing

Did you know that Reno has the tallest climbing wall in the world? Head to BaseCamp in Whitney Peak to find this 164-foot monster. A short drive will take you to Lake Tahoe, where you can find Big Chief and Donner Summit, two high-quality climbing spots.

Explore Reno by Foot

Pick up a Reno city guide, and you’ll quickly see that there’s plenty to do in the city, especially if you want to explore on foot. You could walk along the Truckee River, visit the National Automobile Museum, and explore the art galleries and shops in the Reno Riverwalk District.

Practice Snow Sports During the Winter

Reno is famous for being an excellent location for snow sports. If you happen to visit during the winter, you can spend the whole day snowboarding, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing, burning as many calories as possible.

Feel the Thrill of Mountain Biking

Another great way to stay fit in Reno is to get dirty and go mountain biking along the trails around the city. You can go to Peavine Trail for some great views of the city or drive to Flume Trail and Tahoe Rim Trail if you’re looking for challenging descents.
It’s not always easy to stay fit when you’re traveling, as not every city offers many outdoor activities. If you’re heading to Reno, however, you’ll find that the possibilities are endless. Take the time to plan out your activities each day, and you can exercise in your choice of fun and entertaining ways during your Reno visit.


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