June Goals

🌺 Happy June 1st 🌺

How is it June already? INSANE!

Alright loves I have a confession… I’ve never done a monthly goal post. Some of you might be thinking ‘So, what’s the big deal’ or ‘WHY?’ The truth is… I have no reason. The last 8 months have come and gone and I just sat there and read everyone else’s posts and thought, ‘Those are awesome goals, I should make some…’ and then I just didn’t…

BUT today I sat down and thought I’m gonna make a monthly goal post haha

Why now?

Because this is a big month – in 14 days (June 15) I will be turning a quarter of a century AHHHHHHHH I’m so old guys… It’s not even funny 😜😅
Quarter Life Crisis is definitely in full effect 😱and instead of freaking out about what I’m doing with my life in the long scheme of things I thought I would sit down and think about this month solely! You all have no idea how much focus that took. I feel like I have my life 10 years from now planned out better than I have tomorrow😅

So with much unrequired anticipation – My June Goals 😜 

  • WRITE – in my journal everyday w/ pen & paper – there is something freeing about leaving technology and connecting with your feelings through the pen. It feels so good and I love looking back at what I was doing years ago! It also makes me realize how dramatic and ridiculous I am and well we should laugh at ourselves… all the time
  • DRINK – tea every morning and night. I’ve become a bit of a coffee addict and I want to pull in the reins and start drinking more tea
  • PLAN – my meals and exercise routine on Sundays. My life can be rather uncertain but having certainty in my meals and workout routine calm me so much! So I want to commit to taking the time to plan ahead to calm my hurricane brain
  • TRY – 2 new recipes every week. I love to cook and try new things, but it is so easy to just make the same thing everyday. So This month I’m committing to trying at least 2 new recipes each week! We’ll see how they go haha
  • CAPTURE – I want to start taking more pictures. I love photography and taking other people pictures. I think I like it because I love capturing moments and knowing that person will get to keep that moment forever just fills my soul. So I want to take more (AKA let’s do a photoshoot loves!)
  • ENJOY – alright it’s been like 4 years since I had my one and only other massage and I’m definitely due! Between#Turnitup20 and just working out everyday for the last 8 months my body is in knots! I think a massage is a very good idea for a birthday present to myself haha

Pretty sure the list could go on forever, but that’s what I’m sticking with for now.

Hope all you beautiful people out there are having an incredible Hump Day and are ready to embrace all the potential JUNE has to offer!
What are your June Goals?

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