Travel Solo by plane (Bonn, Germany | Marc & Virgina’s Wedding, Sept 2013)

Travel to Australia

Travel to New Zealand

Travel to South America

Travel to Mexico

Travel to Cape Town

Travel to Italy

Travel to Greece

Travel to Croatia

Visit all 50 states (18/50)

Swim with dolphins

Float in the dead sea

Travel using workaway

Do the Hollywood Sign Hike

Travel to San Francisco

Do a proper Napa Valley Wine Tour

Live in New York City or Washington DC

Write a Travel Book

Get published in a magazine


Run a 8:00 mile

Run a 5K

Run a race in every state (0/50)

Run everyday for a month

Yoga everyday for a month

Make a Fitness Channel on Youtube

Featured in a Fitness Magazine (Sept 2016)


Hand out 50 flowers in one day

Raise a $10,000 for a charity

Help turtles hatch and make it to the ocean


Open a Restaurant
Successfully eat a vegan diet for 10 days
Sugar Detox
Write an e-cookbook


Become fluent in another Language (either Germany or French)

Earn 25 badges on Codecademy (0/25)


Go to Grad School (MA in TV Writing)

Become a mom (That one can wait…)

Get married
Live in another country OR London
Own a house


Go Skiing in California

Sleep under the Northern lights

Go zorbing

Be an extra in a Hollywood movie


Become location independent
Publish children’s books
Publish a travel book
Create a TV Show
Write a produced feature


Have 1,000 in the stock market


Relaunch Blog – June 2017

Get 1000 page views on my blog in a month, in a week, in a day

Get 50,000 page views in a month


Make money off of