Glasgow's Favorite XMas Songs

So technically the Christmas Season doesn’t begin until Black Friday (aka November 28). However, seeing as I am currently in the UK and they don’t have Thanksgiving, the music has already started playing, the Christmas lights are turning on all over Great Britain and I have been informed that I have been missing out on all the best Christmas Music.
*It still continues to amaze me the difference between the US & the UK… We really thought we were more alike!
But of course… before I start of the list of songs that are “UK famous”… I have to share this new rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” because this is my favorite song 😉

I am told these our Scottish Christmas Classics… Or Currents….
Some of you may recognize this one from P.S. I Love You. Cause well… that’s the only time I have ever heard it before.
The title looked familiar, but I sure don’t recognize this. Do you?
This one however is universal!

and lastly – This song has been recorded multiple times over the years with famous UK singers to raise money for charity. This year was the 30th anniversary and it includes 1D, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, among many others!

What are your favorite Christmas songs? Are you ready to get festive??

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