9 of My Favorite Things of 2016

2017 is officially here! Can you believe? I can’t! However I will say I’m extremely excited about the year ahead. I feel like 2016 was the warm up for how awesome 2017 is going to be. I mean 2016 had it’s highs, but also had some serious lows, however I learned a heck ton more from my lows and now I’m ready to stride forward. But before doing so, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things of 2016! I think it’s safe to say I like pink. Like really like pink. Purple is definitely my favorite color, but look around my room and you might think otherwise. So before we move on to 2017 Resolutions,

I think it’s safe to say I like pink. Like really like pink. Purple is definitely my favorite color, but look around my room and you might think otherwise. While some of these things aren’t technically pink, I like to think they are in the pink palette…. Okay I might be stretching on a couple, but oh well! Any who if you are looking for some awesome things to rock in 2017, I highly recommend checking out the below cause while I discovered them in 2016, they are officially my staple pieces of 2017!

1. Jord Watch

First off, I need to talk about this beautiful watch. OBSESSED does not even begin to describe my love for this watch. The design is absolutely gorgeous! The color? Perfect! The crystals #AMAZING! I’m usually not much of a watch girl, but the moment I placed this watch on my wrist I knew it was the one. My dad actually tried to buy me a watch a few years ago, and I was like nah. But then this beauty arrived in the mail and I was like ‘what was I thinking?!’ Watches are awesome! Especially this one!

Check out their other women watches here!
Check out their other men watches here!

For some reason I have been very skeptical about wireless headphones. My brother has raved about them for well over a year, however I’ve just felt so unsure about them. Until I received these pretty pink Sudio Sweden headphones. They first arrived to me in a beautiful box and a cute little pink case to keep them safe. They have an awesome battery life, it’s about 8 hrs. I took them on my flight to DC and they lasted the entire time! It’s so freeing being able to move without having to worry about the cord attached to your phone and absolutely amazing when you are working out and trying to do burpees. Trust me, it’s a struggle! I’ve got the earbuds, but I will definitely be looking to invest in the actual headphones!

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3. Be Joyful Starbucks Tumblr

Tumblrs make me happy. And happy people drink water like they are supposed to! Many report that we are supposed to drink at least 2 liters a day and I also recently read another article that stated 3 liters! Well my usual is like 4 cups… Oops! I literally am the worst water drinker in the WORLD! How horrible, right? However I’m happy to report that when I have my cute Be Joyful Tumblr by my side!

4. Just Say Yes Make Up Bag & 5. Pink Laptop Cover

I adore Zoella! I think Zoe is unbelievably inspiring and her make up bag is pure darling! I love storing my make up in my “Just Say Yes” bag because every morning when I wake up I’m reminded to SAY YES! And who doesn’t love to spice up their laptop! It has a keyboard cover too! Plus it’s always a great conversation starter at the airport. For realz, I get compliments on it every time I fly 🙂

6. A360 POLAR

This watch seriously does it all! I know what your thinking… You already talked about one watch… now you’re sharing another… Well they are both awesome and both worth it! I basically alternate between the two right now. If I’m working I’m usually in my Jord watch, but if I know I have a really active day ahead, I love wearing my Polar because it’s awesome to recognize when you are being super active, plus it tells you your heartrate and it has lots of different settings for when you workout so that it calculates your calories accurately.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this jacket! LOVE LOVE LOVE being bright and pink! That’s about it. Can’t you tell from this smile that I’m super happy, even if it’s gloomy outside! It’s like you get to be the ray of sunshine on a cloudy day8.

8. Record Player & 9. Kettle Bell Weights 

And lastly I need to mention my record player! Which also connects to your phone so it’s also just a super awesom speaker and plays old school music and records too… or you know a Taylor Swift album 😉 and then weights for daze guys! Ever since the fall of 2015 I’ve become quite the fitness fiend and I love my pink weights! There is nothing wrong with being strong and girly and liking pink! Just love who you are! Cause you are the best you!

Hiya. My name is Sam. A passionate gal from the Pacific Northwest with a love for travel, wellness and sustainability. All about self love & learning to be simply YOU!

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