The Art of Saying Good Bye

I really don’t think you can ever master the art of saying Good Bye to people.
The “Good Byes” before I head off to London began this week and at first I don’t think I understood what was going on. Last night I sat on my housemates bed as she packed for a week visit back home to Miami and she kept saying “Why are you so quiet. You must be sad because you are going to miss me. ” Now in the moment, my thought was, I’m just really tired. I have been working so much. But then I woke up this morning and realized that I won’t see my best friend/partner-in-crime/producer for approximately 147 days! THAT IS A REALLY LONG TIME! We haven’t been separated for more that 25 days since we went to Bonn last fall together and now I won’t see her for half a year!

Which leaves me in such a bittersweet mood. I am going to London. I have been given the most amazing opportunity and everyone says don’t worry about us on this side of the pond, enjoy your time in fantasyland. However they all forget one thing! I care about them all too much to let them just slip out of my life for a few months, so although gone, all friends be warned – expect imessages, snapchats, instagram posts, tumblr reblogs, twitter updates, facebook messages, buzzfeed posts, lengthy emails, and long over due skypes with me because I love you all to much to cut ties!

Hiya. My name is Sam. A passionate gal from the Pacific Northwest with a love for travel, wellness and sustainability. All about self love & learning to be simply YOU!

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